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STREPITZ in Friulian means clatter, confusion, noise mixing.
Not surprisingly, then, Giovanni Floreani who founded the group in 1999, has chosen this icon to identify their musical and cultural journey. After a first course dedicated to the research of so-called "border music" the group decided to embark on new roads, going to some extent counter, closed considering the experience of the "contamination" music.
It was "Natural Sounds" by opening a phase of research and reflection following the experiences of musicians and composers such as John Cage, Demetrio Stratos, Pierre Marietan and many others. So Strepitz published a lot CDs and a book "The Sounds of Nature". Today the band is an "open laboratory" and proposes performance made by musicians choosed ad hoc. Giovanni Floreani which remains the core design, many times performs alone. The theme of Natural Sounds was joined, over the years, the electronuic sounds incursion that, to some extent, identifies the contemporaneity of “false” sounds. That sounds however are part of our everyday life and our contemporary living. This, too, among the natural sounds and the sounds artifacts, is a border that often marks points of meeting and sharing.


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3 giugno Assisi
20 giugno Reggio Emilia
22 giugno Gorizia
28 settembre Vienna
5 ottobre Zara


9 settembre Udine
5 ottobre Villacaccia di Lestizza (UD)


22 agosto Udine
28 agosto Altamura (BA)
29 agosto Paestum (SA)  
3 settembre Palermo
20 settembre Vilnius


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